Limitations of parts that can be requested.

AUTOPARTHOTLINE.COM only list the parts that meet the normal industry standard on parts that can be practically processed, shipped, and sold. If the part you are looking for is not listed, you will probably not get an answer due too the fact it doesn't meet the industry standard of minimum cost of sale (examples of non-listed parts:  mouldings, clips, headlight bulbs, hub caps, emblems, etc. ). Please understand we only do what our members ask and do not want to give anyone a false hope that they will find a part if it is unlikely the recyclers will answer. By cutting these emails out it gives the recycler more time to look at each part request and answer the ones they can help with.

Part Request Minimums (normally 50.00 +)

Most auto recyclers have a minimum charge for parts, though each recycler is different.  Recyclers figure the cost of workman's compensation insurance, fuel, packing, shipping, and labor when they derive their own minimum prices. only collects information and forwards it to our members, and does not regulate or decide if there is a minimum charge.